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I'm Darcie, a cookie dough enthusiast. My family and dogs are my best friends.  Hip-hop class with the moms at the gym is my exercise of choice. I studied filmmaking at BYU and I'm dedicated to telling stories.

Here's my film philosophy:

Beyond showcasing the beautiful details meticulously planned, your wedding film serves as a tribute to the profound love in your life. It documents not only the love shared between partners but also the unwavering support of those who've stood by your side. Through imagery that speaks volumes, your film immortalizes the collective devotion that has brought you to this moment and promises to continue in your future. Yes, it's more than possible to convey all of this through the lens if your filmmaker is dedicated to capturing it.  And that's exactly what I'm passionate about doing.

What Clients Say

Darcie is caring and professional. She really captured the important moments beautifully. I wish I had known about her for my other daughters' weddings. -Desiree F.
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